Working Ministries


Excellence in Healthy and Holistic relationships.


To provide a well organized fellowship program, which gives biblical definition to covenant and pastoral care. We will accomplish this through creating opportunities to build covenant relationships with other disciples.

Single Again Ministry:

Min. Janette Fergerson, Leader
Creates a sense of community and togetherness between the widowed, separated and divorced members of our congregation.

Couples Ministry:

Dea. Ervin & Kimberly Foster
Aids couples in the pursuit of excellence for their marriages, establishing "oneness" in the Godly marriage as witness to the glory of God.

Kingdom of Priests: (Men's Ministry)

Rev. Bracy Taylor, Leader
Ministry for adult men emphasizing strong commitment to God, spiritual leadership, prayer and close fellowship.

Ladies of Judah: (Women's Ministry)

Rev. Cheryl Estevez, Leader
A fellowship of women ages 35 and older which ministers spiritually, mentally and emotional to the needs of women from varous backgrounds.

Young Women of Destiny:

Paula Cotton, Leader &
KeAundra Carn & Tekilia Scott, Co-Leaders

Aids women (ages 18 -34) in coming to know and love God and, as well, ascertain the value and potential of their lives through fellowship and Bible Study.

RULERS Youth Ministry:
Real Unashamed Laborers Empowering & Redeeming Souls

Artesha Allen, Leader &
Armain Harris & Ashley Ballard, Co-Leaders
Through youth-centered disciple training, systematically develops traits of spiritual discipline and exemplary character in middle & high school students.

Children’s Ministry:

Rev. De'Borah Smith, Overseer, Yvonne Whitfield, Leader &
Dea. Brenda Grant, Co-Leader

Provides a nurturing environment where children can grow and develop Christian values. (Prov. 22:6)

Seniors Ministry:

Pastor Barbara Polite, Leader
Designed to address the spiritual care and fellowship needs of thsoe over the age of 65.

Hagar Fellowship Ministry:

Min. Conita Reed, Leader & Andrea Carn, Spiritual Guide
Where Single mothers with sons are ministered to in helping them to reach greater heights in Jesus Christ so that they do not become discouraged and are able to parent their children with the spirit or Christ.

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