Day 29: Proverbs 29:3a

Make Them Proud

One of the most memorable moments of my life was when I preached Hampton Ministers’ Conference in 2001. My father, Dr Frank Guns, Sr. upon my completing the first of a series of sermons, hugged me tightly with tears in his eyes and uttered six words to me, “Son I am Proud of You!”  In that moment, I joined him in tears because for ALL of my success, hearing and seeing my father proud of me was worth more than money.  What was so amazing was the feeling of accomplishment that met me in that moment. 

Solomon emphasizes the importance of honoring God and in honoring God, we honor our parents.  Throughout Proverbs, there is a constant reference to making your parents proud.  What a joy to live, so they are grateful to God for you. 

Take it from me, the look in my father’s eyes still rest within consciousness, comforting me when times get tough.  How do we make our parents proud?

  1. Living out the will of God with passion and fervency.
  2. Becoming persons who can be trusted by keeping their word.
  3. Becoming good spouses and parents themselves.
  4. Becoming persons of character and integrity.

So, live so you make them proud.  Remember that they are the godly mentors and examples that shape you.  If it is your parents, awesome! If it is someone else, then whoever it is, make them proud!!

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